How to scrap your car in Kent and South East London

If you've got a scrap car in or near Gravesend it's easy to have it scrapped for free.

  1. Phone us to arrange a time for the collection of your scrap car and to provide us with as much information on the car as possible.
  2. We collect the vehicle and the logbook at the allotted time. Alternatively, you can send the logbook to us before hand. (If you do not have the logbook we can still scrap the car but you will need to let us know prior to us towing it away and you will need to inform the DVLA in writing of your intention to have the car scrapped.)
  3. We provide you with an intent of destruction certificate and give you back section 9 of the logbook.
  4. You mail the section 9 to the DVLA.
  5. We make a SORN (inform the DVLA that the vehicle is now off the road) and send the DVLA the rest of the logbook so that the car can be de-registered.
  6. Within about 4 to 6 weeks you should be notified by the DVLA.

What happens to your scrap car?

Once we've taken your scrap car we first remove the tyres and the battery and any other parts that could be reused. Then we separate out all the parts that can be recycled (the catalytic converter for example). Any hazardous parts are also removed from your scrap car and properly disposed of and any fuel remaining in the fuel tank is also removed. Finally, the vehicle is crushed.